Pet Sitters Bournemouth

We are a local company based in Southbourne, Bournemouth, and we look after pets, in the comfort of own homes in Southbourne and the surrounding areas.

We named our company Pitter Patter Pet Care after our cat called Simba who was 19 years old when he died, used to pitter patter across our kitchen floor. Simba is our company mascot, and is the ginger and white cat pictured on our homepage.

We have many years' experience of looking after pets, especially cats, having owned three at any one time.

We currently own two rescued cats, "Puss" who is now 20 years old and "Holly" who is 15 years old.

We originally had six budgies, but we have now only got one left called Baby who is aged 14 years old.

We are both fully insured. We don't advertise on our vehicle whilst we are working, for security purposes (not advertising the fact that you might be away from home).

Pet Sitters Bournemouth